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STATIC LINE: An Airborne Infantryman's Career
16 Aug 2023 National Airborne Day

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STATIC LINE: An Airborne Infantryman's Career

When he reported to the U.S. Military Academy in July 1956, Jim Johnson was a young warrior in search of a challenge. What he learned in the crucible of leadership development at West Point instilled an unwavering sense of duty that defined the remainder of his military career in times of war and peace. Static Line is about an Airborne Infantryman’s struggle to maintain discipline throughout a career where trust and confidence in unit leadership led to success on and off the battlefield. This autobiography demonstrates how the individual discipline of an Airborne Infantryman built trust and confidence in unit leadership at the tactical and operational levels. Serving as a troop leader in the 82nd Airborne Division at every level, from Rifle Platoon Leader to Division Commander, Jim Johnson ended up commanding the 82nd Airborne Division longer than anyone since World War II, including combat deployments to two different theaters of war. In Static Line, you will hit the drop zone running with a leader whose ethos can still shape America’s future military leaders.

Lieutenant General Jim Johnson, Jr. served thirty-three years in the U.S. Army with multiple combat tours in Vietnam, Panama, and the Middle East. He led the 82nd Airborne Division on its first combat airborne operation since World War II. After retiring from uniformed service, he has continued to serve his profession and the Nation with honor.

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What Readers Are Saying About 'Static Line'


General (Retired) Dan K. McNeill

"Jim Johnson is a great American Soldier. A proven leader in multiple combat theaters, he knows how to train and lead soldiers. His book has much to offer not only to those who wear the uniforms of America’s military but to those who must lead diverse and complex organizations to successful outcomes."


Lieutenant General (Retired) Freddy E. McFarren

“From Vietnam through Panama to Iraq, a fantastic read by a truly great Airborne Soldier with leadership, fighting lessons for today’s joint battlefields. One of the most experienced warfighters of his generation.”


Lieutenant General (Retired) George Crocker

“LTG Johnson is one of the "Dons" in the American Parachute Mafia. I was honored to serve with him on multiple occasions. He is without doubt, a man of the highest caliber of leadership and integrity, with an unquestionable high sense of honor and duty."


Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Tadeusz (Ted) Gaweda

"General Jim Johnson represents the pride and the goodness of the American paratrooper and a champion of the airborne forces leader. Always calm and armed with impeccable character, integrity, and a 'can do' attitude. I am incredibly proud and honored to have served with him in the 82nd Airborne Division. He is so respected that he is currently serving as an Honorary Colonel of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment.”

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"Static Line: An Airborne Infantryman's Career"

The life and career of LTG(Ret) James H. Johnson, Jr.

16 December 1937 - 18 August 2023